No one knows more about Electric Adjustable Beds than Electropedic® .
Afterall, we've been doing it for almost 50 Years!



A family owned and operated company since 1964.

For almost 50 years now, Electropedic® has made "Your Comfort Is Everything!" our only business.

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We are members of the BBB with an A+ rating.

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Read, watch TV, work on your computer, wine and dine. . . simply stop where you are most comfortable.


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NOW! for the World's Most Incredible Bed . . . the incredible Adjustable Bed.  Sleep easier in unbelievable comfort.  The time you can enjoy your Electric Bed will have a lot to do with the way you feel.  AdjustableBeds are so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to pamper yourself.

Call us today for FACTORY DIRECT Adjustable Beds Prices.  The Best Adjustable Beds come with 100% Pure Talalay, Natural and Organic Latex Mattresses.  Even available with Hospital Beds.  Select from Electropedic, Leggett & Platt Prodigy and S-cape, Reverie, Flex-A-Bed, Primo and MORE Adjustable Base Bed.  We specialize in getting you the right Adjustable Bed Mattress.

Call us for the Adjustable Beds for Sale & Package:  FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA, FREE Bottom Fitted Sheets, FREE Mattress Pad and FREE Pillow on all sizes; including Adjustable Twin Bed, King Size Adjustable Bed and Twin Adjustable Bed

Elevate your legs - and turn on the optional Dual Circular Motion Massage for that EXTRA RELAXATION PLUS! 


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latexpedic president Lloyd Kraus

Hi, my name is Lloyd Kraus, President of Latexpedic Mattresses.

We are a family owned company since 1964 (we are also the manufacturer of the Electropedic Adjustable Bed) and have made “Your Comfort Is Everything!” our only business for almost 50 years now.

We are members of the BBB with an A+ Rating.

We have never lost sight of the fact that our success is built upon your satisfaction.

Today, over 25% of our business is based upon repeat business and customer referrals.

We only do one thing and it is for you.



Our Latexpedic Mattresses are genuinely the most comfortable mattresses in the world - they are the products of almost 50 years of striving for perfection.   We simply do not know how to make more comfortable mattresses!


  • 100% Pure Talalay Latex

    that goes through a Talalay 5-step manufacturing process, then individually tested in nine places, dated and serialized, and made in the USA.

  • Factory Direct Hand Crafted/One-At-A-Time

  • Completely Reversible, Quilted on BOTH Sides with Handles. 20-Year Written Warranty.

  • Every Model available in Natural and Certified Organic

  • Every Model comes in your choice of (4) Four Different Mattress Firmnesses: 28-ILD Soft, 32-ILD Regular Firm, 36-ILD Extra Firm and 44-ILD Ultra Firm.




What does almost 50 years in the mattress business mean to you?

Helping you select the Right Mattress.



  2. How much do you weigh?

  3. Do you ever complain if a mattress is too firm?

  4. Do you have a bad back or arthritis?

  5. How old are you?

Riddle? What is more important: Your Comfort or Your Health?

Answer: Your Health.

About Pain.

How you feel when you wake up is more important than anything else. If you are waking up with soreness or pain that you did not go to bed with than your mattress is probably not supporting you correctly.    Pain usually comes from a NERVE; and if your back is out of alignment; or f a bone or muscle is pressing against your nerves . . . than you can wake up with pain. 

Even if the pain is in your leg, or your shoulders, or neck . . . you can usually trace the pain back to a mis-alignment somewhere in the back.

Your POSTURE, your correct alignment, . . . you waking up feeling good, without pain, . . . YOUR HEALTH is more important than Your Comfort.

BUT, OF COURSE . . . you want a Mattress that’s BOTH Comfortable and Healthy. Latexpedic is the World’s best answer.  BUT, YOUR HEALTH IS ALWAYS THE MOST IMPORTANT IF YOU HAVE TO MAKE A TRADE-OFF (ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A BAD BACK, OR NOW WAKE UP IN PAIN).



7” Standard Latex Mattress

Construction: We start with a 6” Latex Core, available in (4) Four Different Mattress Firmnesses: 28-ILD Soft, 32-ILD Regular Firm, 36-ILD Extra Firm and 44-ILD Ultra Firm.

Again, all our mattresses are 100% Pure Talalay, Completely Reversible, Quilted on Both Sides with Handles and Factory Direct Hand Crafted One-At-A-Time. 20-Year Written Warranty.

Many of our customer’s prefer the “solidness” of our 7” latex mattress. The same latex mattress core provides the SUPPORT and CUSHIONING and PRESSURE RELIEF..

We quilt both sides with a beautiful bamboo, channel quilted fabric (adds an extra 1/2” to both sides, total 7” thickness).

In the old days, this was our only latex mattress. And compared to a conventional innerspring mattress, where the steel-coil is going to always add discomfort to your body, and make you toss and turn every 15 minutes to relieve the pressure; our Standard 7” Latex Mattress is far superior in every category: Support, Comfort, Cushioning, Pressure-Relief and Durability.

9” Latex-Pillo Pocketed-Coil

Some people may be familiar with the Duxiana mattress: a mattress that has 2” of Latex Foam on top of Innerspring Coils. They’ve been selling this superior feeling mattresses for exorbitant prices for many years now. What makes the Duxiana mattress so comfortable is the 2” of Latex on top. What makes any mattress “so comfortable” is the layer of Latex you can put on top (as the top-of-the-line Simmons, Sealy, Serta, Spring Air and Air Mattresses are now offering.)

Our Latex-Pillo Pocketed Coil Mattress has the highest-quality Pocketed-Coil System inside, surrounded by 2” on BOTH sides with 100% Pure Talalay Latex.

Available in (4) Four Firmnesses: 28-ILD Soft, 32-ILD Regular Firm, 36-ILD Extra Firm and 44-ILD Ultra Firm.

The 2” of latex we put on the BOTH the top and bottom of the mattress WORK TOGETHER: the bottom 2” of Latex actually makes the top of the mattress feel better. Example, if you put a mattress directly on the floor you will feel more hardness and discomfort. With the two layers of Latex and the pocketed coil system inside you make a magnificent sleep system at an affordable price.

Each Latex-Pillo Mattress is Factory Direct Hand-Crafted One-At-A-Time. We use 100% Pure Talalay latex on both top and bottom; Completely reversible, quilted with handles on both sides. 20-Year Written Warranty. Select a firmness for your personal use, and take a health break.


THE HIGH PROFILE  This is our best selling mattress.

The inside of the High Profile Mattress is a center 6” core with 1” of Softer Latex on BOTH the top and the bottom.

The 1” of latex on the bottom actually makes the top of the mattress feels better; because it adds cushioning and takes away hardness. This becomes especially important if you are interested in an Adjustable Bed because modern Adjustable Beds do not have much padding on top of their motorized foundations (box-springs) that add hardness to the feel on top. Even most major manufacturers like Serta are making their new box-springs almost like a flat-board, without any padding or springs that could give enough cushioning and take away the hardness on top.

The High-Profile Mattress has built-in cushioning on both top and bottom.

The 1” of latex on top allows your body to sink a 1/4” into softer latex for your comfort, cushioning, pressure-relief and feel-good properties.

We build the High Profile Mattress with Beautiful Bamboo-Cotton Fabric Top and Bottom and Beautiful Suede Borders on all Sides. Handles both Sides.

Select a Mattress Firmness for your personal use, and take a health break:. Soft (1” 19-ILD/6” 28-ILD/1” 19-ILD), Regular Firm (1” 19-ILD/6” 32-ILD/1” 19-ILD), Extra Firm (1” 24-ILD/6” 36-ILD/1” 24-ILD) and Ultra Firm (1” 28-ILD/6” 44-ILD/1” 28-ILD).

Comparison Top and Bottom with Standard 7” and High Profile 9” Latex Mattresses

Top: Standard Latex 6” Mattress Core
Bottom: High Profile 6” Core Surrounded with 1” Top and Bottom w/Softer Latex


6” Core in Middle
1.5” Softer Latex (24-ILD) Top and Bottom
Organic-Cotton Ticking Top and Bottom

We start with 6” of 100% Pure Talalay Latex Core inside. The Cores are available in (4) four different firmnesses: 28-ILD Soft, 32-ILD Regular Firm, 36-ILD Extra Firm and 44-ILD Ultra Firm. We then surround both sides with 1.5” of 24-ILD Softness.

The extra Softness on both sides gives a deep feeling of quality, luxury and comfort to all firmnesses. The softness on top and bottom adds a little extra cushioning for your boney parts that first protrude into the mattress; especially your head, shoulder blades, hips and heels. We find 1.5” of 24-ILD softness on both top and bottom to be an ideal combination for your comfort and health.

The Organic-Cotton is surrounded by both sides with 100% Organic Cotton ticking. All Latexpedic Mattresses are made with 100% pure talalay latex; completely reversible; quilted on both sides; factory-direct hand-crafted one-at-a-time; and come in your choice of (4) four different firmnesses. 20-Year Warranty.



All Latexpedic Mattress Models can be made NATURAL with 100% Natural Wool and Cotton and 100% NATURAL LATEX; and

can also be made with CERTIFIED ORGANIC NATURAL WOOL AND COTTON and 100% NATURAL LATEX.   Instead of the Government Required Fire-Barrier, Natural Wool acts as a Natural Fire Barrier.   The 100% Pure Talalay Natural Latex is made with All Natural, and not blended Latex.

Available on All Models and Available in (4) Four Different Mattress Firmnesses: N3 - Soft, N4 Regular Firm, N5 Extra Firm and N6 Ultra Firm. Layered Mattresses come with N2 Soft Layers.


Latexpedic Mattress Pads/Toppers add that EXTRA PURE LUXURY to any mattress. We quilt the top with the same fabric as the mattress and put 1.5” of Soft 24 ILD or N2-ILD inside.




Above is my mattress in my home (Lloyd Kraus, President, Latexpedic): A California Kingsize 72 x 84” Soft Organic Layered Latex Mattress. I also LOVE the 84” length. In the middle is a picture of me and my Brother, Philip Kraus, the President of Electropedic Adjustable Beds. I also LOVE my Adjustable Bed!!

When you can elevate your back and your legs about 8” your whole body weight gets evenly supported; and when you can sink 1/4” into the the millions of Latexpedic Air Cells, you’ll feel your whole body evenly supported; with LESS pressure on your hips; and your whole body can just totally let go. Turn on the Dual Circular Motion Massage for that EXTRA RELAXATION PLUS!

The Latexpedic-Electropedic is simply the most comfortable piece of furniture in the World! Read, Relax, Watch TV, . . . work on your lap-top. Today, and every day, we all spend over 8 hours in the bedroom.



Since 1953, when Howard Hughes invented the first Electric Adjustable Bed (which became the "Sleeper-Lounger”) no other bed still can provide more functions and features than an Electric Adjustable Bed.  Select an Adjustable Bed Manufacturer (Besides our own, Electropedic, we are authorized dealers of Leggett & Platt S-Cape and Prodigy, Flex-A-Bed, Reverie, Primo and MORE! - all on display in our Latexpedic Factory Showrooms:  Burbank, Garden Grove and Phoenix AZ).

Select a Latexpedic Model for your personal use for THE ULTIMATE IN COMFORT:

latex mattress
Latex-pedic® 7" Standard Latex Mattress
Talalay Factory latex mattress Video - High-Speed

Talalay Factory Latex Mattress Video - Modem

100 all talalay latex mattress pillow top
Latex-pedic® 9" Latex Pillo Mattress
VIDEO: Latex-Pedic Latexpillo Pocketed Coil Innerspring AdjustableBeds Mattress by Factory Showrooms in Phoenix AZ, Burbank - Los Angeles and Garden Grove - Anaheim and Orange County CA - also available in Adjustable Beds Natural Organic Adjustable Bed Mattresses

high profile latex mattress
Latex-pedic® 9" High Profile Latex Mattress
VIDEO: The HP Talalay Latex Mattress  Natural Organic Latex Mattresses Showroom serving Garden GroveAnaheim, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Laguna, Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Riverside, Long Beach & Orange County CA

organic cotton latex mattresses
Latex-pedic® 11" Organic-Cotton Mattress
VIDEO Organic Cotton Natural latex mattress and adjustable bed mattressesLatexpedic VIDEO Natural and Organic Latex Mattresses: the more natural alternative More natural fabrics, organic cotton and LATEX (the milk of the rubber tree). The Organic-Cotton is "The Ultimate In Comfort!"

ALL Latexpedic Models and Mattress Pad Toppers can be made Natural and Organic. 

100% Natural Latex Bed Organic 100% VIDEO: Natural Latex Bed Mattress Pad Toppers picture pads organic topper video ratings cotton wool foam rated matresses los angeles burbank phoenix scottsdale az anaheim santa ana garden grove costa mesa ca


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