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For almost 50 years now, Electropedic® has made "Your Comfort Is Everything!" our only business.

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Read, watch TV, work on your computer, wine and dine. . . simply stop where you are most comfortable.


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NOW! for the World's Most Incredible Bed . . . the incredible Adjustable Bed.  Sleep easier in unbelievable comfort.  The time you can enjoy your Electric Bed will have a lot to do with the way you feel.  AdjustableBeds are so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to pamper yourself.

Call us today for FACTORY DIRECT Adjustable Beds Prices.  The Best Adjustable Beds come with 100% Pure Talalay, Natural and Organic Latex Mattresses.  Even available with Hospital Beds.  Select from Electropedic, Leggett & Platt Prodigy and S-cape, Reverie, Flex-A-Bed, Primo and MORE Adjustable Base Bed.  We specialize in getting you the right Adjustable Bed Mattress.

Call us for the Adjustable Beds for Sale & Package:  FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA, FREE Bottom Fitted Sheets, FREE Mattress Pad and FREE Pillow on all sizes; including Adjustable Twin Bed, King Size Adjustable Bed and Twin Adjustable Bed

Elevate your legs - and turn on the optional Dual Circular Motion Massage for that EXTRA RELAXATION PLUS! 


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Latex-Pillo Pocketed Coil Mattress

How Can We Make Your Body Feel Like Its Sleeping On a Million Little Rubber Balls? By making a Mattress that has MILLIONS of Latex-Pillo Air Cells on Both Sides! Available in (4) Four Different Mattress Firmnesses: Soft (28), Regular Firm (32), Extra Firm (36) and Ultra Firm (44).

Now Rated 33% more Pressure-Relieving than memory foam, 7X more breatheable, 20X more durable (ASTM quality test), 100X more Resilient (Supportive), Elastic and Bouyant, up to 100% more Natural and Organic. NOTHING FEELS AS GOOD AS THE LUXURIOUS FEEL OF 100% PURE TALALAY LATEX.

Before you buy an Electric Adjustable Bed, please take the time to see "How Well It Bends?"
Because the first thing you will ask is "How does this mattress bend so well?"


In the Old Days, Adjustable Beds were primarily for Senior Citizens. Today, whenever you go into any Mattress or Bed Store, you will find about 1 out of 3 beds displayed with an Adjustable Bed Motorized Frame Underneath. Just like when you buy a car, they will ask you do you want the "Chrome Wheels". An Adjustable Bed has become the best option for Total Comfort and Relaxation:

  • The higher your back, the less pressure on your neck, shoulders and upper back. Great for Reading and Watching TV. If you need elevation for Breathing, Hiatal Hernia, Heart, . . . to take the pressure off your upper back, neck and shoulders; you simply elevate your back to your most comfortable position. Don't forget about your Lap Top and your Afternoon Tea Break.

  • The higher your legs, the less pressure on your thighs, calves, and heels. People with swelling of the legs and muscle cramps and varicose veins need to elevate your legs. Why does every recliner lounger allow you to elevate your legs - because it feels so much better! Why does every "back-pain" book show you to bend your legs . . . because it takes the pressure off your lower back. Elevate your legs and you can get your ENTIRE back, from your tail-bone to the top of your head FLAT against the back of the mattress. Feels Great. Works Great on your Back! TURN ON THE SOOTHING, CIRCULAR MOTION MASSAGE FOR THAT EXTRA RELAXATION PLUS!

  • Why is a Latex-Pillo Adjustable Bed the most comfortable piece of furniture in the World? Because you can electrically elevate your back and your legs, recline, to the exact position you want ON THE MOST COMFORTABLE MATTRESS IN THE WORLD! Every inch higher and lower is a different weight and pressure on your muscles, bones and nerves. Every inch higher and lower is a different pressure on your Skeletal, Circulatory and Respiratory Systems. You simply stop where you are most comfortable.

Components ILD Scale latexpedic latexpillo pillow top latex mattress

Select from (4) Four Different Mattress Firmnesses.

Soft ( surrounded on BOTH SIDES with 2" of 28 ILD)

Regular Firm (surrounded on BOTH SIDES with 2" of 32 ILD)

Extra Firm (surrounded on BOTH SIDES with 2" of 36 ILD)

Ultra Firm (surrounded on BOTH SIDES with 2" of 44 ILD)

OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED All Latexpedic Talalay Latex products are certified OEKO-TEX Class 100; the healthiest classification. This means that our products do not contain allergenic materials that form carcinogenic arylamines of the MAK-groups III A1 and III A2 (see the Oeko-Tex website for a list of chemicals included in these groups,link to oeko), pesticides and chlorinated phenoles, heavy metals or formaldehyde. Our Talalay also meets the standard for skin friendly pH and is free from chloro-organic carriers and biologically active finishes.